By shadowness
This delightful wallpaper is a foretaste of what will happen next on Shadowness.com: the spawning into its third transformation: ENSNARE. Photoshop and 3D Studio MAX used. For res. 1600x1200: click download. All res: [ [LINK] ]. Visit also the link for more info on the new version.


2 decades ago
Comment by: Scarebear
Very dark, very nicely done. Great image.
2 decades ago
Comment by: Valhalla
Wonderful - I just wish it didn´t have all the text on it!
2 decades ago
Comment by: grimspoon
Did you say spawning.. or spaming?

Oki, ENSNARE.. you would like people to take your art seriously, so I will attempt to give you a serious review:

I don´t like adverts on my desktop, I have enough popups to deal with right now. In the right column of this site there is a partners section. If you think that the good falks of skinbase should go to your site, you should see if admins can put up a button for you.

Some will say this is ´cool´ and I agree, it may be cool but it´s not a good piece of art. Simply, this photo manip doesn´t work, the smooth sensual figure in the photo was overlayed by a bunch of trandy shards and junk that give the figure almost comical look.

Remember.. before you try to attempt to make something look cool, make sure it is first done right!
2 decades ago
Comment by: shadowness
grimspoon, i enjoy reading reviews, any kind they are. but you don´t need to harsh, i am not trying to steal your visitors, nor to spam, but share my art, as many seems to obviously enjoy it. this wallpaper is actually a promotion one, unlike many of my previous ones, so there´s a reason why i post more highlight on my website shadowness. and i do not believe i am exaggerating...

i never bragged myself as a pure artist, but since many seems to be enjoying my work, i do that for their satisfaction. I believe that artists have each their very own way to conduct their visions of beauty, and every path is good to me, as long as they believe in what they do, and they can bring happiness to the targeted audience. sorry if i offended you personally by posting it here. i will no longer do the same mistake, if that´s your wish. thanks for your input anyways.
2 decades ago
Comment by: shadowness
well. for a moment, i thought you were expressed in the name of skinbase, like you worked for them. sorry for my mistake in my post above. however that doesn´t change my overall opinion. i will still continue posting some of my artworks in the future then, if that doesn´t disturb SkinBase admins.
2 decades ago
Comment by: grimspoon
shadowness, thank you for not taking my review as a personal attack. God knows, there is enough of that going on in the skinning community.

However, I have just noticed that my name ´is´ included in the skinbase admin team now. Although I help, I do not get paid.. we do this because we love skinning and digital art, so, I better enforce what I said before.. ´Skinbase community is there to help and support any skinner or digital artist by placing their web site link in our partners section and ´displaying´ their art for free.

Please, continue to upload your work on skinbase and keep nurturing your passion for digital art, but expect an occasional ´honest´ review.
2 decades ago
Comment by: Neutron
WOOOOOW... One of the best and most Pictures I´ve EVER seen!! Absolutely STUNNING.. Credits to the author behind this piece!!! Execelent work..!!!!!1
1 decade ago
Comment by: etype2
Beautiful wallpaper! Happy A w a r d clap

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