Armored Plum

Armored Plum

By imtoomuch
My second Litestep theme. (My first theme, Depressed, still isn´t finished.) All of the modules in this theme can be moved and toggled on or off. The Winamp skin I made for the skin suite. Lots of Skins is down at the moment =(. I can´t get the LsBox to work like I want so I may get rid of it unless somebody can help me. I want to make it a shortcut bar, but I want it so that shortcuts can be put into a folder in this theme´s folder and then the links will appear on LsBox. Is that possible? Right now notepad is the only shortcut on LsBox. This was done with a bitmap of the notepad icon and coordinates. Please leave comments and help me if you can.
Another thing, people said the popup in Depressed was too big (and I thik most of you will think the popup here is too big also). What I want to know is do you meant the popup images are too big or are there too many entries on the popup. Comments appreciated =).


2 decades ago
Comment by: Scarebear
I think the images are too big is what is meant. Not that you have too many entries. I´d have way more entries than that Wink Cool looking graphics though. I´d be in trouble with that small an area for tasks as I´m a multi-task person Happy
2 decades ago
Comment by: imtoomuch
There can be as mant tasks as you want. jAmpToo, Chronos, and GeekAmp (all modules can be moved) can be moved or even hidden so they wouldnt get in the way of tasks. The same applies to the systray.

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