SRV Evo 2

SRV Evo 2

By Le Bam aka jER
An evolution of my SRV skin, featuring :

- 4 variations (up, down, left and right)
- Each one has a little greyscaled color pack (full) or not (light)
- Each one has 2 configs : disk left or disk access
- 3 help skins : one for buttons, one for meters, and the last one for the -Du grand art!- skin, see below
- A real color pack : the -Du grand art- skin (in the right of the preview) comes with new colors for the background, the big orb, and layouts like zebra...(classe ! Grin)

The little orb still shows your cpu load, the big one your memory...

Highly customizable : Every element in the skin can be shown or hidden, it can be shaded or unshaded, and you can toggle trans or opaque big orb (not available for the Du grand art skin).

Et voila ! If you download it please comment, and EnJoY !!! Grin


2 decades ago
Comment by: Le Bam aka jER
No comments OhWell OhWell OhWell
2 decades ago
Comment by: adni18
Excellent work! Very beautiful skins Happy

People don´t give comment´s lately, they only take OhWell OhWell OhWell
2 decades ago
Comment by: Le Bam aka jER
Thx nikos ! only one comment, but from the best, is better than no comment at all !!! Happy
2 decades ago
Comment by: BruB
ohhh. Feature skins, je t´avais dis que c´était réussi comme skins. Bravo jER
1 decade ago
Comment by: PK
O_o, really nice!

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