By neophil
With permission of THE master ( :-) ) here's a *reduced* version to 1024 of ThunderStorm Sysmetrix.
- The ThunderStorm WindowBlinds skin was done by treetog for the GUI Olympics and can be download at [LINK]
- Other ThunderStorm stuff can be also downloaded from [LINK] or [LINK]

As it's my second go to skining sysmetrix (the first one was yesterday to port same skin from treetog to 1152 (Llllllllllooooooolllllllllllll) and i didn't get any idea of how it works before today, i tried to do my best and hope there's no buggies in it. If u find anything wrong, please let me know.
Hope you'll like as i do those beautifull pixels :-)
Thanks again to treetog / Pixtudio Pirates

*Update* little buggie corrected in the song title scrolling


2 decades ago
Comment by: neophil
N.B : little bug corrected on the title song widght scrolling :sb
2 decades ago
Comment by: vanex
Nice toolbar, really: everything seems to work fine Running ,except for one thing...
the drive space indicators should recognize hard drives first, and adapt
the labels, and afther, as a second chance, the mobile drives!!! :skull :evil
Then, I´d prefear that the graphic diagrams of indicators would be customizable too,
and that the size would be a little bit smaller......but remember:these are only suggestions,
and only my preferences!!!
Anyway remember:the bar diagram of drive "D" indicator doesn´t work, if this points to
another different-named hard drive.
At least a nice work: it works at first stroke and it´s not too mutch heavy Grin: .....
(guess it´s not too mutch heavy for pc´s like mine!!! LOL :moon :devil ).
2 decades ago
Comment by: vanex
Errata Corrige:maybe I make a mistake Angry but the Mail button doesn´t seem to work...:o
even selecting the mai client over again afther installation.}:|
Some suggestion?? :-(
2 decades ago
Comment by: neophil
I don´t think that Sysmetrix can recognize itself what is the first volume hard drive and after the mobile drives ...
In the original version the second indicator was F: and in general second volume on hard drive or second hard drive is DOhWell so i changed it to D:

About the email button, you have to configure your emails account in sysmetrix configuration :sb and it works fine Running
2 decades ago
Comment by: neophil
And make sure you´re running Sysmetrix 3
You can tweak which disk and which way you want it to monitor in the sysmetrix configuration option by changing skins options ...
2 decades ago
Comment by: vanex
Thanks neophil...I´ll do it as soon as possible....when I´ll finsih to crash
my brain with those F***in´ servers that doesn´t seem to have the will to work!!!!

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