Shy by Nature

Shy by Nature

By CutTheRedWire
This is a shot of me, Red. The goal was to make it as dark as possible. The photographer (who we won't talk about) put thier finger over the flash to make it dark. That had the side effect of the red hue. It took several tries to get the effect I wanted. For me, this was an experiment, as I had never tried it before. This image was eventually cropped, gray scaled, and adjusted to use as a portrait in other places.

Keep in mind that there was no photomanipulation done to this picture. This is the unedited version. Also, I'm beyond amature at this, so go easy on me. I know it's off center, and there are other things that could be fine tuned. I'm open to ideas, tips, tutorials, a helping hand, or just what ever comes to your mind.

Special shout out to whyteshadow who requested to see the original version of this shot. She's awesome. =^.^= The edited version on can be seen on my modblog page: [LINK] :and other places may be added soon. I might upload it for compairison sake. It's sort of a '' by recomendation'' thing, you could say.


2 decades ago
Comment by: sed
I think this great as is :o
2 decades ago
Comment by: adni18
Nice shot and dark! Wink

The link doesn´t work :sad:
2 decades ago
Comment by: CutTheRedWire
Link worked for me. It´s at DA & AU as well. I can send it to you if you cone down to it.

Hope you get to see these.

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