By PacificAK
Morpheleon = Morphing + Chameleon.

Morpheleon is exclusively designed for Windows XP & Windows Media Player 9 ...

Morpheleon has two features that are the first ever for WMP9...

(& maybe other media players too, but not so sure )...

1 :: The first skin to Morph from one view to the other...

2 :: First skin to be completely color integrated with the Full Mode of the Player

(color values are exchanged between Full Mode & Skin Mode of the player)...

Color values of the following elements of the skin also change : Playlist background & Bar visualizations...

Even the skin preview in skin chooser changes color...

Morpheleon has two modes, Main & Mini (kinda a standard feature in my skins)...

in the Mini mode move the mouse over the Song name & wait for a sec to revel the Seek & Volume controls...

as well press the shift key to get the previous button inplace of the next button...

Mini mode has separate windows for playlist & eq...

the skin also supports rating songs... this feature is located in the playlist views of both Main & Mini modes...

if in main mode & theres no activity for some time then the skin morphs to mini mode...

& if theres no activity even after that, then the skin becomes transparent...

whew..!! Grin

njoy everyone...!!


2 decades ago
Comment by: The General
Nice job here, tho´ not as good (imho) as your SleekMPXP. Very enjoyable.

Is there anyway in Main (not mini) mode to hold it there on visualizations - so that it doesn´t shrink down to Minimode?

2 decades ago
Comment by: PacificAK
I dont think i can ever beat my SleekMP XP...!!! :smile:

thnx for that feature suggestion...
m updating the skin soon.... will add the feature to stay on Main mode..
1 decade ago
Comment by: unkuiri
hi, this is a nice skin, but I have a problem with it, when i try to switch to main mode from the mini it blocks half way, I have the WMP 10, can someone help me??

continue with the great work

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