Aikon Blue

Aikon Blue

By juzmental
Here we have the release version of the first skin I started working on for Trillian. I originally started it well before my first actual release (Re-Dux), but decided to put it on hold. This was, it seems, a good idea - as it meant I managed to learn a lot of things with my experimentations with Re-Dux.

The result, I started Aikon Blue from scratch again.

I tightened up the graphics a lot and fixed things and then started the xml all from a fresh, throwing away what I had created before.

It´s finally done and I hope you enjoy it, I like the skin (and use it myself).

A big thanks goes out to MarcDaniel for the help with the elusive bug I had trouble squishing, and also a big thanks must go to the ever wanting TychoQuad who (for some weird reason) is hanging out for this skin to be released.. lol.

Also thanks for Kid for her great set of emoticons.. and of course Scott and Kevin for making Trillian. Bring on the next release Happy

Oh, you´ll notice a few things missing - this was by design.. I left off things which I thought were not needed. Happy

Anyway, I hope you like the skin. Send over any comments you may have.


1 decade ago
Comment by: TALON
This by far is the best skin I´ve seen for this program but I cant get it to load up in the skin manager =(
1 decade ago
Comment by: juzmental
Just a note: This skin was for Trillian 0.635.. The new version of Aikon will be released very soon.

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