Shield Green DX13 (Indemnity)

Shield Green DX13 (Indemnity)

By chadamus
Indemnity : Noun - A protection against damage or loss.

Part of the Indemnity skin suite. This is a new method of release for me. Generally, I only release after the suite is complete. However, this suite is massive, so I thought I would make a start at uploading the completed parts now. Once completed in full, this complete suite (including all the icons) will be available on CD.

Here is What is Available Now:


[LINK] - DesktopX 1.3 - Armor Blue

[LINK] - DesktopX 1.3 - Shield Green

[LINK] - DesktopX 1.3 - Safety Yellow

[LINK] - Windowblinds 4.1 - TriColor Pack

- User Icon Pack

[LINK] - Winamp 2.x Tricolor Pack

[LINK] - IconPackager - Armor Blue

[LINK] - IconPackager - Shield Green

[LINK] - IconPackager - Safety Yellow

[LINK] - Sysmetrix 1024 - Armor Blue

[LINK] - Sysmetrix 1280 - Armor Blue

- XXCalc Tricolor Pack

[LINK] - ICQ - Armor Blue

[LINK] - ICQ - Shield Green

[LINK] - ICQ - Safety Yellow

Objectdock Icons


(Contains 16-128 px XP Icons in addition to 256x256 px PNGs so you can use them anywhere in your system as well)

Search at Deviantart: [LINK]

Search at Wincustomize (Suggested): [LINK]

Search at Skinbase: Hmmm... no such feature. There ARE here, though.


Comments are appreciated!


If you have enjoyed these skins, please make a small donation as a way of saying "Thanks" and "Please, sir, may we have some more?"

Dontate $10.00 : [LINK]

Dontate $20.00 : [LINK]

Donate Other : [LINK]

Thank You,

Chad L Ross


2 decades ago
Comment by: aiglestates
is all very good work
2 decades ago
Comment by: adni18
You have done a great work with this suite! Happy
2 decades ago
Comment by: groovecircus
Very nice, chad.
2 decades ago
Comment by: t60h
How do I download this?

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