By Nauns
Fixed for BSPlayer v1.00 and later. True size: 412x148


2 decades ago
Comment by: moshi
wow. this is terrific. very cool shape. probably the best skin i´ve seen since months. thumbs up. Beer Beer Beer
2 decades ago
Comment by: PK
i soooo totally agree for the full 100% with moshi on this, greatness!
2 decades ago
Comment by: Nauns
Thanx a lot. I´m glad to see you like it.
2 decades ago
Comment by: adni18
Where is my comment?? It has disappear Sad

My comment is still in the "Feautured Skin description" Happy
2 decades ago
Comment by: scissorhands
I much prefer the Sony one, even though this has a nice colour, etc. It looks nice, but it´s kind of small, and it doesn´t show as much info when it´s playing a file as the Sony one.
If the sony one was this colour, that would be cool.
2 decades ago
Comment by: Nauns
You´re right scissorhands. The Sony BS by tetanoise is really beautiful, it´s one of my favorites. First, thank you for downloading the RedPlastic, trying it and for your critcism (they are always welcome). Concerning the size of the player, it´s quite small indeed, but it´s a choice : I didn´t want something that hides all the screen. As you noticed, the price to pay for this is a lack of space for displaying informations. So I´ve decided to keep nothing but the bare essentials. However, I can already tell you the skin I´m working on will be bigger and will show more infos. Thanks again for your comment :smile:
1 decade ago
Comment by: naruto
this is a great skin
1 decade ago
Comment by: mickeblue
I liked the look of this skin so much I downloaded BSPlayer just so that I could use it Grin:
1 decade ago
Comment by: nadgerry
super plastic, love the colours etc
1 decade ago
Comment by: MountainHawk
The coolest ,most innovative skin I have seen in some time. Congratulations on your skill and ingenuity. Congratulation Cool Wink

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