Indemnity Armor Blue 1280 SM

Indemnity Armor Blue 1280 SM

By chadamus
Indemnity : Noun - A protection against damage or loss.

"Indemnity" in the Armor Blue color for Sysmetrix. Screen Width of 1280 in two styles. Rounded and Edge.

Part of the Indemnity skin suite. This is a new method of release for me. Generally, I only release after the suite is complete. However, this suite is massive, so I thought I would make a start at uploading the completed parts now. Once completed in full, this complete suite (including all the icons) will be available on CD.

Here is What is Available Now:


[LINK] - DesktopX 1.3 - Armor Blue

[LINK] - Windowblinds 4.1 - Armor Blue

[LINK] - Winamp 2.x Tricolor Pack

[LINK] - IconPackager - Armor Blue

[LINK] - IconPackager - Shield Green

[LINK] - IconPackager - Safety Yellow

[LINK] - Sysmetrix 1024 - Armor Blue

[LINK] - Sysmetrix 1280 - Armor Blue

Objectdock Icons


(Contains 16-128 px XP Icons in addition to 256x256 px PNGs so you can use them anywhere in your system as well)

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Search at Skinbase: Hmmm... no such feature. There ARE here, though.


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Thank You,

Chad L Ross


2 decades ago
Comment by: Pinchecl
Excellent job done herechadamus. I always do like those clean and tidy looks. Happy
2 decades ago
Comment by: Valhalla
Superb Chad.
Your suites are always so detailed Happy

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