The DMv2.0

The DMv2.0

By DReaMer
Tested on:
Windows 2000 Pro running WMPv7.0
Windows 2000 Pro running WMPv9.0

First off. Let me thank everyone who sent comments (both good and bad) about the DMv1.0! Many of the comments were suggestions on what colors, fonts, etc. that might have been better than the ones I used on DMv1.0. Thus, I sat out to upgrade v1.0 and make it more customizable. Possibly, the most customizable WMP skin available! Well...... I'm not sure about that. However, there are 10 colors to choose from. And you can change which side the equalizer and playlist are on! So, one could say the DMv2.0 is 20 skins in one! OK, so long as I am thinking like that, make that 40 skins in one! You also have the option of detaching the video screen! OK! OK! Let's just say it's one skin with 40 different variations. Fair enough?

With all of the graphics it takes to have 10 colors, this skin is one of the largest out there. File size, that is. At 1.8mb, I'm sure there are some of you out there that just started groaning. Sorry! Also, if you are running an old system, this might not be for you. I don't know. I didn't dust off and fire up the old P150 to see how it would do. So, good luck.

Please feel free to email me any comments or suggestions on v2.0 or post them here. Just keep in mind (all the graphics and Java-scripting gurus), that this is only my second attempt at skinning. Well, third (If you count the tutorial skin I did following step by step instructions). But, in my book, it didn't count.

Also, I am looking for ideas for my third skin. Any thoughts?



2 decades ago
Comment by: Valhalla
Hats off to the longest description I´ve ever seen! LOL
Looks a good skin too Happy
2 decades ago
Comment by: dReSiR
mmm, good :-) !!!

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