Flower by Versiani

Flower by Versiani

By versiani
When I started doing this one, I did not imagine what I would achieve, But it became to look like a flower (i guess) and than i worked more to make it look more like a flower... also some photoshop stuff... That is why I like so much the abstract pieces, u have to use your imagination, - use ur illusion - This is not a flower, but a lot of curves and so on.. but when I say to u that itis a flower u start to see it as a flower.. do u know what i mean? and for me that is fantastic!

Anyways, I hope u enjoy this piece as much as I do!! And comments are always welcome!


1 decade ago
Comment by: jim373
I like this design... nice colors and very pleasing to the eye... Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: hobnobber
You have a real talent Versiani! Happy This design as you so aptly described is imaginative, the colors and how you used them, completed the design... and I particularly like the way you faded out the text, it´s legible yet it does not detract from the design... Great piece of work... Happy Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: ZeroCool
Great work versiani!! I like the idea. :-)
1 decade ago
Comment by: peanut779
So professional looking artwork... delightful!!!! Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: nikuki
stunning. i especially like the texture of the flower--so shiny and pretty.

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