By WB Skinner
Major update for Moonbuggy. Six colors, five of which are new. I tryed to stay away from the basic colors and went more for the moody ones. 3 colors are also non-minimalistic for those who requested it.

I fixed the icon disappearing trick and also changed the way things tile and stretch here and there as well as some font changes.

INCLUDED! : some very creative people have contributed to this package:

CHECK OUT THESE 4 FANTASTIC WALLS from Mr Wizard who posts all his stuff at ThemeXP:


and... A SYSMETRIX SKIN from Harry210451....He's made a whole bunch of Sysmetrix beauties to match several of my skins: you can find them all here:


May your desktop never be dull and please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions...or give me a shout at [LINK]

Hope you like it!



1 decade ago
Comment by: Xerraire
oh this has ALL my favorite earthy colors in it!
1 decade ago
Comment by: chichigirl46
Ok let me try this again, I keep getting knocked off of skinbase trying to comment :-( but this is a great skin, and love the way you design your start menus :-) Suggestions you ask, can you add a rollup and post it buttons???? and the sound of different colors sound g r e a t :-) Keep up the great work, and be cautious around those fires, can be tricky and dangerous..........
1 decade ago
Comment by: peanut779
What a stunning little number!... very professional looking theme.
I´ll be back for this one later... now I´ll have to change all my desktop to accommodate the style... more fun. Wink
Many thanks. Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: grimspoon
... ... I don´t use m... uhm, ... Very cool! :o Running
1 decade ago
Comment by: PK
Downloading right now :-) (dialup) But Im sure I like this, so: Great work!
1 decade ago
Comment by: PK
OK, im running it now. I really like the way you do buttons etc, i would have done it the same way :-) I dont really like the windowsframe, but thats just me :-)

The wallpapers are great, minor thing is that I all ready had them all... /pk:
1 decade ago
Comment by: hobnobber
This is a great looking skin, makes want to upgrade a computer to XP but I´m still stuck with 98 for a while. Sad The thought of different colors sounds intriguing Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: MountainHawk
Innovative work for its time and it sees todays skinners seriously found wanting! Happy Congratulation Cool Wink Magician
7 years ago
Comment by: adni18
Congratulation A w a r d clap
7 years ago
Comment by: Richard Mohler
Congratulation Congratulation

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