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General Art

Art Discussion Forum
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Do you need help or wanna help our members ?
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Rip Reports And Bugs

You found something that is wrong with the site??? Or have you found a 'stolen' skin?? report it here and we will take imediate action
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Everything related with photography only: news, equipment, photo software, tutorials, how to's. etc...
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Freeware Appreciation Threads

Feel free to leave comments here for your favourite application. The software creator may not ever see this page, but at least others can discover that an application is cool enough for you to comment on Happy
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Anything not skinning related...
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You have a suggestion on how we could improve the site.. or any suggestion at all?
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Skinner Forum

Skinbase community forum posts
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LiteStep Discussion

All shell related news, questions and answers
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Official forum dedicated to php scripts: phpNewsManager, phpWebmagazine, RateIt and others...
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