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Patriot 1.2

Patriot 1.2

Featured on: 22 July, 2003

One of the best wallpapers has become better! Download it and you will undestand why this works is awesome!

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Posted by: koekoeh  21. February, 2006

Hi dude, whazzuuup?!!
Thanx for giving a comment on my winamp skin (sunflower).
If u don´t mind, please give another comments on my other skins. ^_^

Posted by: ghman  10. January, 2006

Thank you for the nice comments on my Alluring Perfection theme for Serenade. I really like Serenade as a desktop-shell replacement and think more people should give it a try. It is super stable and quite flexible, looks great and is not too hard to skin. It is my default shell until further notice.

Posted by: kchristine  04. December, 2005

Don´t be gone so long next time. We all need a grimspoon fix.

Skinbase Wizop/Basehead Administrator

Posted by: grimspoon  03. December, 2005

Ehe... hello kchristine , it´s good to be missed.

Guys, it is a common knowledge that admins ´do not´ feature their works, in this instance Joost is out of line. There are other active admins choosing Featured as well. To the best of my my knowledge, Alpha did not fetaure his own submissions.

Posted by: TAXIFUNK  03. December, 2005

Last time I talked to him he said he was a bit busy on a move inside Australia til around Xmas, meanwhile we could all do the Hello day thing on Alfas comment page like Jerry once practiced with us. No matter what we think of him and feature systems, just say, hi Im Sally, my interests are - what I liked or how I got to Skinbase when, and how I like it in the future, as a PM, for which you click contact, or as a comment. And he could introduce himself a bit, alfa is a bit shy but his English is good and my french.... oh, well. Alfa only got feedback from 2 users, and deserves more if we want to give him a reason and way to get into SkinBase. Next week Ill send Jerry a lil inbetweenie hotline or one of his colleagues - they have all been working hard, but I dont want to loose alfa before we even get to know him better. Looking for that forum thread Hello day meanwhile...


Posted by: kchristine  02. December, 2005

GRIMSPOON!!! Are you there? I been missing you.

Skinbase Wizop/Basehead Administrator

Posted by: Alfa30  25. November, 2005

*´´Subject lOL
You are always feautured image photography ther are no others???????

Kind regards Joost...´´

Hi Grimspoon!
This is a G.G.´s message...I have not at all featured my photos...I do not undestand this...

Posted by: Alfa30  22. November, 2005

Hi Grimspoon!
Users cannot download some skins...
Server problem?

Posted by: ghman  21. November, 2005


I´m glad I could point you to iNet-Tabs web browser. IMHO it is a great app and can look great when skinned properly. Let me know how you like it and how it works out.


Posted by: grimspoon  17. November, 2005

Hey Thanks Guys Happy

Unfortunately, I will be gone again for a few weeks, busy working on a large project until Christmas. I´ll be back sometimes in January, until then.. I will drop by as often as I can. Urroo!