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Written by netwolf56 on 5.June.2013 @ 01:41
Flickr.com is giving a terabyte of space for free for online photo storage to every user.

Basehead v4.00

Written by Gregor on 27.February.2013 @ 16:27

We're proud to announce that Basehead site has a new look. After about a few months of writting whole site from the scratch we finally put this photography and art site online.

Visit: http://www.baseheadart.com


Under The Spotlight - Xiandi

Written by jimbo9294 on 1.August.2012 @ 20:31

This edition of Skinning Community Interviews is special it is the second time I have interviewed this amazing artist and skinner.


Under The Spotlight - DigitalChet

Written by jimbo9294 on 3.July.2012 @ 23:59

The Spotlight has always been about interviewing the best in the community, skinners and other artists who have made an impact in the skinning world. This edition of The Spotlight is on such a person.


...and the Winner is

Written by jimbo9294 on 30.June.2012 @ 19:02

I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest.There was a total of 17 entries.The contest has ended. 


Under The Spotlight - MountainHawk

Written by jimbo9294 on 19.June.2012 @ 08:31

Check Out Who Is Next!

He has been around in the community, before skins were known as skins and he creates wild and amazing wallpapers.



Apple's fashion line called The Apple Collection

Written by Gregor on 18.June.2012 @ 08:55

Can you believe that today one of the biggest technology company had their own clothing collection back in the 80's. The collection was called "The Apple Collection".  The Apple Collection a clothing line developed by Apple in 1986 included kids clothes, hats, belts, sweatshirts, polos, shorts and T-shirts.



Eyes on the Earth

Written by Gregor on 14.June.2012 @ 20:46

Travel in time and explore NASA satellite visualization in 3D.

If you would like to see amazing image from space and additional data about the climate of our planet, then you should visit this NASA's new tool. You will need to install and enable Java to use their tools.



adni18 27.July.2015 @ 22:50 Other 787 times read 4 comment(s)



SkinBase Is Under Construction

etype2 26.August.2014 @ 17:18 Skinbase 1958 times read 1 comment(s)
News photo for SkinBase Is Under Construction

Portions of the site are being recoded at this time. We are aware that some of the features are not working. Please be patient during the transition. Thank you.


Apple Event Rumored For September 9, 2014

etype2 22.August.2014 @ 20:34 Apple 2026 times read 2 comment(s)
News photo for Apple Event Rumored For September 9, 2014
It is widely speculated that Apple will introduce two new screen sizes for the iPhone 6, 4.7 and 5.5 inches. They may include sapphire screens, with upgraded processors. Look for an upgraded iPad Air and a possible Retina display 27 inch iMac. The long rumored iWatch may make it's debut. This post will be updated as the event nears.

Emotipad plus - how to use ANY smiley you want or MAKE WITHOUT SPYWARE!

TAXIFUNK 21.August.2014 @ 18:14 Skinbase 20389 times read 5 comment(s)
When talking in a forum, shout box, mail or designing a web page, isnĀ“t it nicer with a little illustration, animation or emoticon you choose or make yourself? Here is how to do that free of spyware fast with dragging and dropping of your image. That automatically sticks the URL for the image where it belongs in the right code format for the forum or whatever - WHAMMO! This tip also shows you what one of our younger SkinBase download sections is for - the emoticon section. And the tool for that is NOT by any of our sponsors. Have your own little animated ball, and thanks to adni18 for getting me addicted to personally customized smileys and more with his cute animated drawings especially for Skinbase users!More


kchristine 21.August.2014 @ 18:14 Skinbase 2495 times read 2 comment(s)


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