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Posted by: merci oner  22. December, 2003

thx for ur nice comment Happy,glad that u like.Merry christmas.

merci oner

Posted by: chichigirl46  24. December, 2002

Merry Christmas moshi :-)

Some people in the community are like fudge, some sweet with a few nuts :-)

Posted by: Xenu  17. October, 2002

oh cool da ist ja noch jemand aus deutschland! :-)

weißt du vielleicht eine seite in dieser art, also wo man sachen uploaden kann in deutschland? oder wenigstens auf deutsch?!? Happy

Posted by: PK  09. September, 2002

just wanted to say hi

Posted by: chichigirl46  06. September, 2002

moshi, nice to meet you and nice art work too :-) you also are a very informative skinner, who seems straight and forward....... glad to see you here :-)

Some people in the community are like fudge, some sweet with a few nuts :-)

Posted by: Elwin  13. August, 2002

You made me try Illumination again with that great skin of yours - I may stick with it this time... Happy
Keep up the great work!


Posted by: Valhalla  22. July, 2002

Highly talented and well-respected.
A real credit to the skinning community


Posted by: peanut779  08. June, 2002

One of my favourite skinners! Happy
Regards to you Moshi.

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Posted by: sed  02. March, 2002

Ok, Something more I´ll try to learn if ya got critics like Grim and ScareBURRRRRRRRRR it´s getting cold in here, Anyway gotta go

Skinbase Wizop / BaseheadArt adminstrator / Always a FRIEND

Posted by: Scarebear  29. January, 2002

Keeping the site alive with awesome LS themes makes this guy ´ok´ in my books Happy

Because skinning should be fun!