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Midwinter Marvel

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Cantankerous old Texas lady, transplanted to Montana 25 years ago.


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Lady Graphics08.07.2006
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Posted by: Aaron-Nora  15. May, 2006

Hello grandma. My God, you are the hottest 78 I´ve ever seen Wink

Posted by: MountainHawk  22. February, 2006

Hahahahahahahaha....thanks for the comment on Flight of Fancy.

"Boldly bothering to go where no-ones bothered before"

Posted by: MountainHawk  21. February, 2006

Good to see you here!f

"Boldly bothering to go where no-ones bothered before"

Posted by: ghman  28. January, 2006

Mary-----Thank you once again for the nice comment on my HoverDesk theme "HVD NeXT". As I have told others, no matter how far I may roam, I always seem to come back to HoverDesk. Probably because it is very flexible, is easy to skin, skins virtually everything on the desktop and looks great when you are done. (Besides, I actually had to PAY for it! (Just kidding.)) By the way, the tile website is a wonderful place to obtain some great and interesting images. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Posted by: ghman  12. January, 2006

Mary, Thanx for the nice comment on my Serenade theme Alluring Perfection. I like the way it came out and how everything sort of ties/blends together. Took a look at your gallery. NICE STUFF!! As I am always looking for that RIGHT wallpaper for my various desktops, I will certainly look to your work for a likely candidate.

Posted by: TAXIFUNK  03. December, 2005

Thanks for all your work and support incl. encouraging new staff members like Alfa. We should all get to know each other before everybody judges each other. He might introduce himself, which I told him meanwhile, and users are encouraged to introduce themselves to him on his comments page, because it is happening anyway and 2 users gave him feedback but that is all, and if you see his comments page you know what I mean. Have relayed your greetings, though, so you have done a bit of your part, and thanks. Trying to get another hello day working later like grim did once. No matter what we think of feat. systems alone and Alfa, whom we dont know yet completely, we can just get members to say, hi I am X, found Skinbase x years ago and like x about it , I am into Terragen, logons, this or that, in the future my wishes for the base are- x,y,z and not w,b,a whatever. Then we all have a chance of getting something to work and see how that could be. For me that is working fine, thanks. Have a great time. Need to check out your site a bit more, seems to be one Sally is also active at.


Posted by: grimspoon  18. October, 2005

I like your new style like Pompadour .. very stylish

Posted by: draggon_9  02. October, 2005

Nice wall mary, I just ran across it. What program did you use?

Posted by: Alfa30  02. October, 2005

Thanks! you!
Glad you like it...Grin

Posted by: mesmerizeme  10. August, 2005

Hi Mary, how are you? Just wanted to thank both you and Sally for all your great support and nice comments on my recent images here. I am a little late in responding as I don´t usually spend to long when I am at this site. For some reason I have a lot of computer errors and problems while here. Anyhow, thanks again. It is much appreciated. Have a great day.