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Posted by: PK  27. September, 2004

Hmm, I wish there was a way that I could remove comments here, then I would have removed the one by "flintstone". Hi wary :-)


Posted by: Rontz  09. August, 2004

flintstone: shut up if you don´t have to say anything creative....

wary: thanks a lot for your comment, it´S very much appreciated! Happy

Posted by: DrumThrasher4hr  01. August, 2004

Hey thanks wary!
I appreciate all the comments I get...of course the ratio of comments to submissions here seems incredibly low...you´re my second comment I´ve received here...I guess commenting is not the big deal here....on my other two site pages (ArtNSkins, and DeviantArt) its quite a different thing, but they all are different I guess...I mean, on deviantart, I hundreds of downloads, even into the thousands and anywhere from 25 - 100 comments...on Art n Skins I get about from 10 - 30 downloads, but all the artists that support that site (its pretty new...just celebrated 1 year) they see a good picture there as well as myself, we all comment on it...its a very warm site with a heart somehow. Ok, I´m babbling...But I do want to thank you for deciding to voice yourself upon a picture of mine! I appreciate it tremendously! I´m going to go take a peek at your work! I promise to comment also! Thanks again for your time and looking and commenting!

................................... ~Drum

........................... ~Drum **Why isn't the number 11 pronounced onety-one? **

Posted by: wary109  27. June, 2004

thank you and it continues working
you are the master -----versiani------

^ŴỵĿĿΎẤМ^�ŴẬRỸ�~^ะ109�ะ* How Soon Is Now:*-*William Alcivar Meza. Estela & Rafaella Alcivar Valarezo

Posted by: versiani  03. June, 2004

Hey!! thank you so very much for the great compliment on my Blue Fairy WP!! I like ur works pretty much! and this flintstone is an asshole!

Posted by: Yrgal  13. April, 2004

Shut up flinty!

Posted by: flinstone  29. February, 2004

Your wallpapers suck !!!