Twisted Forks

Twisted Forks

By versiani
Finally.. this is my first wallpaper using the 3dsmax3... i am very proud of him because 2 days ago i didnt know to do ANYTHING in 3dsmax... so i spent the hole day reading the program's tutorials... and some that i've found in hte net... and this is the result.. there are two of them.. but it is just 2 different camera positions.. so I hope u enjoy and comments are very much wellcome! i still want to learn a lot about 3dsmax! =o]
C ya guys! ==> Leave a comment, I'll comment back
*note* should i make a zip file with the other resolutions? 1280 and 1600?


1 decade ago
Comment by: SteV
Nice you are learning 3Dstudio max. And that you used the twisted knot tutorial fro doing that (by evilmind). It´s a nice tutorial I know. And the unedited effect looks good too. But please put some fantasy in it. Change numbers, change views. There is so much more you can do. Make it different..>
1 decade ago
Comment by: BruB
For a first shot at it, nice job, it´s always good to learn from tutorials. Keep working on it and you´ll find your personnal touch.
1 decade ago
Comment by: versiani
hold on ur weapons guys.. this is my first experience with 3dsmax... =] I am working on it! =o]

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