Windows Media Player 9 Candy 2.0

Windows Media Player 9 Candy 2.0

By weboso


1 decade ago
Comment by: Snowman
OK... looks like your flooding for today has ended....
To prevent future floodings like this I would like to ask you to please upload them in packs, not just one by one....
These floodings are really a pain in the ***.
It´s damn annoying for all the other users that have to browse through multible pages to find something else!

Don´t get me wrong though, your work is stunning and deserves to be shown/used, but please use packs in the future Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: weboso
Hi, Thank you for your commentary, but the designs for objectdock are not published in the alone one pack, are published by every designed icon and they all those that I have published today have been all that till now I have designed, for what it is not possible to to compare the icons of other programs with them of objectdock. Thank you
1 decade ago
Comment by: chichigirl46
Well if I can install them all in one folder and use them with object Dock then I can see snowman´s suggestion here, they can be put into one zip file....... It is a pain to download these to begin with one at a time too........
1 decade ago
Comment by: Dokt
You should have put them in a .zip file.
1 decade ago
Comment by: weboso
Hello, They Understand that I design 3 - 4 daily icons and can not be updating every day the alone one zip to add the new designs, all the icons that I have made it has been throughout 3 months, imagine a zip that should be updated to diary the servant new icons to add. :smile:

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