Foundation DX Pack 4

Foundation DX Pack 4

By chadamus
"Foundation" DesktopX Objects for use with the "Foundation" Desktop Main theme.

These files can be used as the "quick launch" icons, or as part of the pull-out trays. To use them as the quick launch, just drag into position.

To use as part of the tray: Import the object. Position as you would like. Right Click on the icon, and select "SET PARENT AS". Browse to one of the "Tab- Background-xxx" files. For example: You are adding the Winamp icon. Select "Tab-Background-Audio" as it's parent.

The "Foundation" suite lives! Had to recreate a few of the things from scratch... but that's another story.


Windowblinds: [LINK]

Icon Packager: [LINK]

Sysmetrix: [LINK]

----Icons---- All Icons are sizes 16x16 through 128x128. They also look great with ObjectDock!

Icon Pack 1: [LINK]

Icon Pack 2: [LINK]

Icon Pack 3: [LINK]

Icon Pack 4: [LINK]

Icon Pack 5: [LINK]

Icon Pack 6: [LINK]

Icon Pack 7: [LINK]

Icon Pack 8: [LINK]

Icon Pack 9: [LINK]

Icon Pack 10: Coming Soon...

Icon Pack 11: Coming Soon...?


Main Theme: [LINK]

DX Icon Pack 1: [LINK]

DX Icon Pack 2: [LINK]

DX Icon Pack 3: [LINK]

DX Icon Pack 4: [LINK]

DX Icon Pack 5: [LINK]

DX Icon Pack 6: Coming Soon...

DX Icon Pack 7: Coming Soon...?

Winamp: I had Winamp skinned, but it was lost. I hate skinning winamp in the first place, so I don't have the patience to do the same skin twice. Sorry.

Comments appreciated!

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