By teddybearcholla
....Beyond Giorgios other mountains, across the Purple river, in a land far, far away....well how far

away you ask....Pretend you are having a dream ( not a nightmare, that is entirely different), and in

this dream you are flying through the galaxy, somewhere beyond Saturns rings, beyond the Isle of

Toast, and the Planet of Eye and given that the time continuum is exactly apple Pi times 1 trillion

and will suddenly find yourself in the land far far away!!
....So I am in this land and I discover it is the home of the one and the only Aubergining tree known

to exist. As you can see by this photo I took ( old Sony digital, uses floppy discs, takes odd

photos), there are small creatures and they are watching me very closely. Do you see the one on the

lower left? And did you notice the Aubergining tree is in bloom, with young fruit also on the tree

and old fruit on the ground...the scent is wonderful...kind of

like*strawberryapplepiecinnamonbanananutbread* with a hint of

*rosemarygarliclemon*...mmmm....mouthwatering and it could also be why those creatures are staring

at me....time to take my camera and ruuun!!!!!

Another word game with my best friend [LINK] . We haven't done one of these for quite awhile. The premise is, we take a *fake* word and then do a drawing about that word. This time the word was *Aubergining*. And here is Annas painting, it will surely make you smile!!! ...[LINK]

My painting is done in twistedbrush ...using both mouse and wacom.
Thanks for watching!!! tbc


8 years ago
Comment by: jazzilady
Really cute! clap Booming love
8 years ago
Comment by: Richard Mohler
8 years ago
Comment by: killua
Nice Barb clap Booming love
8 years ago
Comment by: sed
VERY GOOD Job!! Booming love Booming love Booming love
8 years ago
Comment by: digitalpix4all
Sweetness, Barb. clap Congratulation
8 years ago
Comment by: Alfa30
Amazing work ! Booming love Cool clap A w a r d
8 years ago
Comment by: AzDude
5 stars clap A w a r d Congratulation Congratulation Congratulation
8 years ago
Comment by: teddybearcholla
Thank you all so much!!! Booming love
Richard, Hytham and Alfa, thank you for the faves!!! Booming love Happy

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