By stramp
UPDATED APRIL 26!!! Thetis render by an excellant artist [email protected] Deviantart.
Quicksilver's gallery- [LINK]
She has some great tatooart and excelant renders!
A mythological Logon surrounding Thetis the mother of Achilles. 1280x1024 resolution. 2 user icons included Bitmap_114 & 114b to complete the theme! Font included, after unzipping or loading copy the font file Dark Crystal into your Windows system font folder for the correct font to display. Permission included. All buttons, bars and icons made from the render itself. Hope you enjoy this step back into the world of gods and goddesses!

Quicksilerfury- "It's a mixed media entry using poser 7 for the central model, dolphins, turtles, and sea kraken, and adobe photoshop. The wave brushes and the runic circle brush are from The circle flames, water flame toga, paua shell jewels and the water in the foreground are all created in photoshop using the smudge, dodge, burn, and distort filters."

I used Irfanview, paint, pro 4, screenshooter for buttons, bar, 3d lettering,and some handpainting.

You can read the story of Thetis at Quicksilver's gallery which is very interesting and informative! Added dolphin pushback to lettering, Password ding and better user turtle user icon!


9 years ago
Comment by: sed
THATs different!! :o clap
9 years ago
Comment by: stramp
Well thank ya sed!!! I said I was gonna try some different things. I have another one called The Ancient One in 2 sizes that should be finished tonight. Running
9 years ago
Comment by: Richard Mohler
Very nice! clap Congratulation
9 years ago
Comment by: stramp
Much appreciated Richard. A little on the brigher side. Thx for the vote! Grin
9 years ago
Comment by: digitalpix4all
Beautiful work, stramp. Booming love clap Booming love Congratulation
9 years ago
Comment by: stramp
Gosh Thank you Dp! But remember the artist(s) I get my inspiration from- you all. All of you have motivated me and I am grateful for the opportunty to be a part of such a fine community! Cheers Beer
9 years ago
Comment by: jazzilady
Very nice, I love the colors and the awesome graphics. Great! clap clap Happy
9 years ago
Comment by: stramp
Quicksiver did a fantastic job. I just hope I did it justice! Happy Thx jazzlady!
9 years ago
Comment by: adni18
The original work is very beautiful: [LINK]
This one has wrong dimensions dear John, should change the dimension with aspect ratio Wink
8 years ago
Comment by: adri666
Beautiful work and very nice clap clap

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