Work On Fire

Work On Fire

By chadamus
"Work on Fire" for Winstep Full Pack.

The original inspiration for the "Work While Bent" series. Have been using this one myself for a while now... Tweaked a bit for public release, and here it is!

Includes Nextstart, Workshelf, Clock and Recycler.
Clock and Recycler have custom icons.
Recycler is animated on Drag-and-Drop, both in Workshelf, and on the Desktop.

Custom Hotspot Icon Included.

Custom Icons available for Workshelf! (Finally made my own...)

Icons available in 32x32,48x48, and 64x64.
Templates included in the icon files for creating your own icons for this series as well. Please remember to ask for permission before releasing any derivative icons based on these templates. Thank You.)

Wallpaper show is not included. It is "Entroducktion" By Paul Dobson and can be downloaded at

Part of the "Work on Fire" Skin suite.

Comments appreciated!


1 decade ago
Comment by: BruB
Being quite lazy I don,t feel like commenting on all of the Work on fire suite so i´ll leave my comment in this one. Great suite. great colors and beautifull design. A tru Chadamus work.
9 years ago
Comment by: adni18
Great work! clap A w a r d Congratulation
9 years ago
Comment by: Richard Mohler
clap Congratulation
9 years ago
Comment by: sed
One of the BETTER skinners!!
9 years ago
Comment by: jazzilady
Very nice! clap clap Happy

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