New BG Orbs

New BG Orbs

By ghman
This is a HoverDesk theme I made by manipulating images created by pixelpirate in his outstanding Cardinal sysmetrix skin (with his permission, included in the download). I also used koasati's recycle bin, tweaked a bit, from his excellent Laz_eOS theme for HoverDesk, again with his permission and also included in the download...Instead of using any HoverDesk created shortcuts, I created a skin for a new app launcher, called Lanuchy (available here [LINK]), which exactly matches and overlays the bottom left information center of the HoverDesk theme (the skin is included in the download). When I hit the correct key combination, things appear as you see in the inset of the screenshot then go back to normal once an app is launched. (I have been using launchy for a few weeks now and really enjoy and highly recommend it!) As always, a matching BarChanger texture as well as a 3dcc color file and displayset file are included in the download. I like how this theme turned out because it is so different! Thanx to pixelpirate and koasati for their kind permission to use their modified images...Hope you enjoy!


1 decade ago
Comment by: aiglestates
Nice colors Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: MountainHawk
Excellent work and a damned fine colour!!!
1 decade ago
Comment by: Alfa30
1 decade ago
Comment by: mickeblue
Nice.... Congratulation lol lol
1 decade ago
Comment by: ghman
Thanks aiglestates, mountainhawk, alfa30 and mickeblue for your compliments! Praise from people as talented as you is always appreciated and humbling. Thank you for looking! Grin

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