Zelena 2

Zelena 2

By zkreso
This is my latest skin: "Zelena:2"

All the windows are skinned, including the minibrowser that I personally hate and never use. The entire skin was completed in 3 days, which is a new record for me.

It´s been a real long time since I had made any "simplistic" skins, and I wanted to see if I had forgotten how, so I took the colors off a previous skin I had made, "Zelena", and "remixed" it to make a new simplistic skin, this one.

I got a lot of feedback about the posbar, and that it looked bad, but personally, I liked it a lot. It is one of my favourite things about this skin, I feel that it kind of "cuts up" the main window in two parts and makes it look better... but obviously many people did not. I did not change it though, since I made this skin for myself more than for anyone else.

It was actually going to be a freeform skin, but when I tried making it, I found out that I had planned badly and the positioning of the different buttons was very difficult since there was no room for them. So I just went with winamp 2x again.

I tried to make this skin simple to use, while trying to make it look good too. I hope that I suceeded and that you like this skin as much as I do,


1 decade ago
Comment by: brain4
the green and the grey colors is nice is very good work
1 decade ago
Comment by: Scarebear
I agree with brain4. Great combo of grey/green. Nice work.

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