Aluminum Alloy - GO

Aluminum Alloy - GO

By ghman
Having been a fan of GO (a minimalist windows shell replacement) for quite some time, I was very pleased when the creator, tweak, made the GO bar skinnable. I had been reluctant to use GO as my default shell because of its mundane look. But now, the possibilities become not only endless but challenging. This is a screenshot of my current desktop which uses GO as the shell. The skin I created is based on images in the now infamous Aluminum Alloy theme. Also shown is BarChanger skinning the windows with a matching texture. I am using Launch Tab for the vertical shortcut bars you see. The analog clock is provided by an application called ClocX. Because GO uses so little resources, it allows me to run the listed applications without over taxing my system. The shortcut keys used by GO, once you get used to them, are great and very fast. All in all, I would heartily recommend trying GO for a change of pace. You just might find that you like it! (By the way, if enough interest is generated, maybe a GO section under the Desktop Shell category would be a nice addition for Skinbase.)


1 decade ago
Comment by: kchristine
Simplicity at its finest. Nice work.
1 decade ago
Comment by: ghman
Thanx Sally. I too like the simplicity yet functionality of this shell. LOL

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