ManuKs Zimple Unlimited 3.2

ManuKs Zimple Unlimited 3.2

By ManuKs
26/09/0 5NEW Release Unlimited 3.2! A nice and neat and very powerful interface.

Take a look at the UI --> [LINK]

Any comments or suggestion is welcome.

** 3.2: New buttons for the control bar (optimized for fullscreen). Some fixes.

** 3.1: New Audio mode. I didnt really like the first one. Now I can say the skin is finished.

**3.0: ManuKs Zimple Unlimited. Adds Audio Mode support. Minor change to the eq window.

** 2.61: button rearrangement. Added EQ btn. Nicer and more functional equalizer. Added Maximize btn.

** 2.5: added the equalizer. Now it´s almost finished.

** 2.0: supports DVD Mode. Several minor fixes (now full screen btn is Zoom Mode).

** 1.5: this new release adds skin for the playlist. Buttons highlight color change (now is darker).

** 1.04: customized OSD display. Added Hint to "frame Size" text.

** 1.03: fixed "Title Area" and font size change. Double click over "frame Size" now fits the video to its original size. Some minor fixes. "ManuKs Zimple" now smaller and greyier.

** 1.02: button rearrangement. Added Control Bar "Window Mode" button. Size change in Volume slider.

** 1.01: added timeline shadow and several minor fixes.

based on the x-skin3 (thanks Captain!).

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