Lexus LF-C Concept RMX

Lexus LF-C Concept RMX

By MiMiC
1152X864 in size... ...due to the popularity of this theme, and also, my apologies of not loading the BLUE version that Level1 and I collaberated on... ...

I'd like to present a Remix'd version of the automobile, and issue this 3D RMX of the image.

Be sure to check the .zip file thouroughly, as it contains a Teaser file within the .zip, of some other examples of how I and Level1 could have produced even more indepth images for the car and its showcase for the Lexus Corp.

Design Info:
The LF-C luxury sports coupe concept gives bold stylistic hints into the future of Lexus. From the outside, the LF-C strikes an aggressive pose with its broad stance and short overhangs, while the vehicle's interior echoes performance with drive-by-wire steering and Formula-One-inspired styling. Behind this gutsy coupe is of course, a high-output, front-mounted V8 engine with a six-speed sequential automatic transmission.

Taking the sport concept beyond the traditional European formula, the LF-C adds a new element of surprise; at the touch of a button the unique hardtop design transforms the vehicle from a coupe, to a convertible, to a targa or wind-swept speedster—all depending on the driver's mood. The four-position, power retractable hardtop stows neatly into the trunk through a surprisingly minimal rear-deck opening. The LF-C seamlessly blends the road, air and sun into a dynamic statement of futuristic performance and luxury.


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Nicely done Happy

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