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By dbqp
What to do with one square inch of screeen space??? Adapted from my previous attempts at answering that question with a Litestep theme. Tiny visual footprint with the following functions - analog clock (duh), date (Month and day), Volume slider, media author and title, temperature, mute, media player next track, media player toggle minimize. Lots of stuff in such a little place! May not be for everyone, but it fits my purposes....more colors if anyone is interested...the 3 buttons beneath the clock are (lt to rt) mute, next and toggle.


1 decade ago
Comment by: dbqp
I´ve tried to update 1 X 1, but I´m not sure why the updated screenshot is showing....basically, I´ve just corrected a couple of flubs in the images and changed clock styles...besides the 3 rates, I would appreciate feedback....
1 decade ago
Comment by: dbqp
Major Update 4/13

New look and better button behavior! (Mute - Next Track - Toggle Winamp) Added track Play/Pause (between artist/title scroller and temp.) New Volume slider! (submerged look) Xymantix: My wish list would be for Sysmetrix to support partial transparancy so that just the clock face could be transparent, but the background is now dark enough that a small alpha provides basically the same effect. BTW - love the gauges. Thanks for the comments all, more would be welcome.

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