My Red Leader with new SysMetrix Skin

My Red Leader with new SysMetrix Skin

By VectorNut
Here's my desktop featuring the Red Leader NextSTART, WorkShelf, and SysMetrix skins. I'm in the process of updating the NextSTART and WorkShelf themes to make use of the latest features of those programs. I put the SysMetrix skin together using various graphics elements from other Red Leader skins, including the Red Leader ColorPad skin, the Red Leader SysMeter 2 skin, and the Red Leader CoolPlayer skin. If I'm given permission, I'll be uploading both the SysMetrix skin and the updated WinSTEP them.


1 decade ago
Comment by: Snowman
Looking real good!
Nice to see someone breathing some life into Kenrays (and others) fab suite.
I might drag out the Hoverdesk theme I started, but never got around to finishing.

No permission is really needed to add more skins to the suite - the ´original´ suite was released as "copyrighted freeware". But in any case, asking for permission wont do any harm! Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: VectorNut
Ah, that might explain why my original WinSTEP and SysMeter 2 skins didn´t have permission.txt files in the ZIPs. I know I asked, and had an email conversation with either Kenray or Koasati (can´t remember which at this point). Thanks for the comment. :-)
1 decade ago
Comment by: VectorNut
I updated the SysMetrix skin and uploaded it to the SysMetrix section.

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