The Blue Sun of Aztlan

The Blue Sun of Aztlan

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Strange this...

This center chamber in ruins at the heart of a pristine undersea kingdom. The floor is broken here and gives way to the natural sea floor toward it's center.

Here at last we find our prize, the Blue Sun of Aztlan. While the rest of this city beneath the sea seems airtight, water pools here. At it's center sits the Blue Sun, floating as might a beachball in the surf. Only slightly less serene and becalmed are the fluctuations emanating from within. Jaggers of energy careen wildly about a soft blue glow at the orbs core, though even this bit of chaos seems ordered.

Is this truly the cause of all we've seen on this journey. The creature which mangled the upper decks of the ship. The Aztec warriors, with whom we've fought a bloody war to reach this chamber. My fathers very presense here? NO! I will not surrender to the notion that my father was not truly was him! No fiction pulled from my mind by this bright blue ball.

Excerpt from TombRaider: The Blue Sun of Aztlan


1 decade ago
Comment by: ZeroCool
Nice wallpaper! I like the colors.:-)
1 decade ago
Comment by: Valhalla
I love those blue shades Happy
1 decade ago
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The Lara Croft variant is available at
1 decade ago
Comment by: dReSiR
Good work, excelent Sci - Fi wall!

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