Longhorn E L I T E

Longhorn E L I T E

By fr0zZzEn
New HIGH quality theme especially for Aston 1.82
This theme based on Longhorn, new operating system from Microsoft,which will come in 2005.
I tried to do exellent looking theme with main features of Longhorn and Aston vers. 1.82 and useability ...
Here some features of this theme :
- Some new experiments with *.ank files, which u can see there.
- Mini top-panel (just bored of big buttons and done something very small)
- Longhorn styled wallpaper (made by me)
- Longhorn styled clock
- Absolutely new for me style in toolbars
- Used very cool icons by talanted author (with his permission, of coz)
- Skin for Rainlendar will be soon, but u can use skin from 'XP prime' theme
- Experiments with shadow in top panel plugin, which can be used for doing text inserted in button or beveled. Looks very cool and pretty!
I decided to do bottom placed taskbar, because of many errors with left placed taskbar in Aston
and i think that bottom taskbar more useful . It's your choice. If u want taskbar on left or have questions, plz send me a note on my homepage on DA or
write in comments, but not in e-mail plz , coz I have some troubles with my mail server Sad
(c) 2003 Eugeny Chernov aka 'frozzzen'
permission from mormegil:
That is fine as long as credit is given.
Paul ([LINK])


1 decade ago
Comment by: Valhalla
One of these days I´m gonna have to give Aston a whirl
1 decade ago
Comment by: keshui
i like fr0zZzEn´s works very much~~~~~
1 decade ago
Comment by: MountainHawk
Nice clean work! Congratulation Cool Wink

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