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Interview with Brickhead

1. Would you tell us some info about yourself? 

       (Real name, where you live, profession etc)

My name is Steve and I live in Michigan (USA) about 30 minutes west of Detroit. I'm 44 years young, father of three teenagers, two boys and a girl. (Daddyʼs girl!!) Currently I'm working in the refractory business, Managing a small, but very profitable firebrick distributor.

2. How did you first get started creating for internet? Do you remember your first upload? What year was that? Can you tell us about it? And where can we see it?

I got started in this great hobby back in 05' I was always searching the net for a wallpaper and decided to take the plunge and create my own. Apophysis was my first choice and I made quite a few fractals, you can see and laugh at my very first one here...> Though, Apophysis was and is a great program I always admired the work of...> So then my 3D journey began with Bryce, then a whole bunch of trials with 3D Max, Maya, Modo, Xsi and Cinema 4D.

3. Who would you like to mention as influence or inspiration in your skinning experience?


4. How much time do you spend daily on your creations and in skinning community?

I stuck with C4D and use it as much as I can, a few hours after work and on the weekends when my entire "honey do's" are finished! lol!

5. We all have certain programs we like the most. What would you consider your favorite?


6. How about your computer system? Can you describe your configuration?


After taking apart many pc, I built my own to keep up with my 3D passion (more POWER!!) It is just a duel core with 2gigs of ram, Ati x1600 and a terra bite of storage and still running XP Pro. It's a bit long in the tooth now and I want to build another one, Hopefully next year, but I have a son in college and my other son will be out of high school next year and starting college. Doesnʼt look good does it? lol!

7. Do you have a personal web site? Can you give us the address?


 8. Do you want to say something in this interview, which is not included in the above questions?

I want to thank Skinbase for this opportunity to let everyone get to know me.

Thank you Steve.

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