Interview with Alfa30

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Interview with Alfa30

1. Would you tell us some info about yourself? 

       (Real name, where you live, profession etc)

My name is Bruno Macaluso, I am lately retired (I was lorry driver) and I live in the south of the France, a nice region not far from the sea. I am divorced; I have 2 grown-up children (a girl and a boy) and a small one-year-old son. I saw with my companion Agnès (15 years younger than me) 1 black cat and 2 dogs setter, in a home in the campaign. I like travel, nature, gardening, peach, hunt and promenades and especially I love going surfing on the web...

2. How did you first get started creating for internet? Do you remember your first upload? What year was that? Can you tell us about it? And where can we see it?

Make of the photograph in amateur many years I discovered the numerical and Internet in 2001 and I know Skinbase since 2002 (I registered later). I published my first photograph on Deviantart in 2002

3. Who would you like to mention as influence or inspiration in your skinning experience?

I  always followed my instinct in life (this always achieved me) and I make the similar for the photograph (I am an amateur) .I try to translate by the photograph what I feel by noticing nature around me. I like all that is art and I have a lot of pleasure to discover and to share this passion!

4. How much time do you spend daily on your creations and in skinning community?

Since I am retired, I spend a lot of time on my computer (on average 4 hours a day!).

5. We all have certain programs we like the most. What would you consider your favorite?

I have 3 cameras (Kodak, Samsung and Nikon) and my favorite software of modification is Photoshop...

6. How about your computer system? Can you describe your configuration?


I use a Mac Pro Quad Core (4GB of memory and 1,8 t of stocking, OsX Leopard and Windows Vista) and a portable PC during my displacements.

7. Do you have a personal web site? Can you give us the address?

I do not have personal site (I think create one soon) but I am also inscribed on Deviantart and Basehead ( (

8. Do you want to say something in this interview, which is not included in the above questions?

I am very happy to be part of the community of Skinbase and I hope that many artists will continue making us share their creations... Thanks to all!

Excuse me for my poor English...

Thank you Bruno.

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