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Interview with TAXIFUNK

Interview withTAXIFUNK  

I read your questions, which make a lot of senseon a site named SkinBase and checked to make sure it really came from SB, whichit did, thought about it a day or 2, and concluded that I would probably be theonly interviewed one who NEVER REALLY WAS MUCH OF A SKINNER, at least not yet andIS NOT ACTIVE or an inspiration / good example for anyone at the moment andDOES NOT EVEN HAVE A SITE or GALLERY worthwhile at this point NOR PROFESSION inreal life!

Around 2005 I had fun downloading and joiningSB, plus their servers helped me better than Stardocks. It still is a GREATFRIENDLY site, who´s staff I even joined for almost a year but had to leavethen for various reasons.

A great experience for ME, plus I was free, andnot worth payment as an artist or technical staff member, so I never asked forthat. Even had my own site though, until this summer.

Now I just moved back to Frankfurt from Momsfree guest room in Cologne, where SHE had to leave her condo, and go to a homefor old people instead. She turns 89 next month, and in Frankfurt, I have alittle place I just rent since 1984.

I am on welfare though, and trying to get myteeth fixed and to apply for some jobs in real life next year. Nothing special,used to drive cabs(=TAXIFUNK, my nick). We will see.

What I do like is communicating if I have timefor it (or its paid for), and movies, music and the pc sort of - if it works -helps saving space and adding fun with my hobbies and daily things likecalenders, mail and things, collections, too. Right now I am trying to replacemy old vinyl record and VHS tape collection with digital affordableequivalents. But first I had to clean out my old stuff and cut down on regularbills, restarting everything a bit a new way.

At SB all I shared was some logons, not evenbased on my own photos, mostly. But I DID have permits for that. I looked intodigital photography a bit, but learned too late that for OLYMPUS UZ 500 youcould not even by a polarization filter made by third parties to go with it, soI sold it and only use my mobile phone or scanner for images, not in qualityworth sharing though. And I can’t run around through cities with a tripod ortake lessons now, lest I neglect other things for a while. I did not only havefriends or fun at SB - some enemies and sad things as well - it was interestingthough.

It´s just not the right time for projects rightnow. So, I won´t answer your questions fully because it’s not worth publishing orpreparing, sadly. But I sure wish you the best and think you are in the rightposition at the right time.

Greetings Toby

Thank you Toby, welove you!

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