Interview with yingjunjiu

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Interview with yingjunjiu

1. Would you tell us some info about yourself? 

       (Real name, where you live, profession etc)

My real name is Ying, Jun Jiu and I'm now 23.  I've been fell in love with skinning and then take gui design as my career.  I'm now working for Hewlett-Packard as a visual designer.  I'm now in relationship with my cute girfriend  :D

2. How did you first get started creating for internet?

I started my skinning life from creating logon screen for XP, not even count as art but people like it so I continued.  And then I turned to cursor and windows theme designs, guys like my works are still my motivation, and I think all things can be my inspiration, the sleekness of a cell phone shell, the smoothness of a leaf of just a stage in a TV show, when inspiration hits, you can't exactly tell where it comes from.

3. Do you remember your first upload? What year was that? Can you tell us about it? And where can we see it?

I played around for quite a long time when I firstly get into skinning.  And my first submission there is a logon screen, technically, I just put a Homeworld 2 logo and other elements like button all got from the game into the logon screen.

4. How much time do you spend daily on your creations and in skinning community?

I'm a loser boy sometimes, I used to like staying at home and sit in front of the PC.  So years ago, I spent most of my spare time on skinning.

5. We all have certain programs we like the most. What would you consider your favorite?

Basically, I used Photoshop everyday and sometimes also 3Ds max to help me make better graphical effects.

6. Who is your favorite graphics artist?

That has to be danillooc, I learned a lot from his fantastic skins, details, colors, and many corners of a skin.  I'm a big fan of him and also tried to make my skins to his standard.

7. Do you have a personal web site? Can you give us the address?

I would be happy if you can visit my site:

 8. Do you want to say something in this interview, which is not included in the above questions?

Makes me happy when many people download, many people comment and many people like my works  :D

Thank you JJ. Ying.

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