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Interview with netwolf56

   Let me begin by saying that I was thrilled to get the email asking me to participate in the new feature “the interview” at It is an honor and the implications of speaking to, being seen and heard by the members and guests of Skinbase, certainly a vast audience, is amazing.

   My name is David Akers (netwolf56). I was born and raised in Orlando, FL USA. I am 59 years old, born 03-27-1949. I am single now, but have a wonderful girlfriend, Debbie.

   I don’t mind sharing that I am a recovering addict and alcoholic, clean and sober almost eight years (that includes cigarettes too). They say you must find something to replace the drugs and alcohol and for me it was the computer, which in turn led to my interest in creating wallpapers and photgraphy.

   I began by downloading and collecting wallpapers from around the internet. I was amazed by the creativity although I had no idea how they were made. I think my first attempts to create them were small stand alone fractal applications. From there I tried Paintshop, Corel, Photofilter, Gimp, terragan, photoshop and any other graphics application I could get my hands on. Over time I collected free E-Books on photoshop and began to read them. Then I tried the online tutorials, and began to produce my own wallpapers.  Photoshop ended up being my favorite application. For me it’s an ongoing evolvement, which is endless. There is so much to learn.

   How much time do I spend reading and creating? Every second I can. That translates into at least 4 or 5 hours a day. I am currently unemployed so I have a lot more time. My profession, by the way, is computer repair. I went to tech school several years and aquired several certifications, all of which are on my website, which is

You can also view many of my photos there.

   What is my computer configuration? Well, I currently run and maintain four computers, all of which I built myself. One for my mother, one for my girlfriend, and two for me. One of mine is mostly used for downloading, movies, torrents and MP3’s. My girlfriends computer is intel based running Windows Vista Ultimate.

   In my main computer I have an Asus motherboard A8v-XE, an AMD 64 bit processor, two gigs of Ram, a creative soundblaster audio card with BOSE speakers. Also DVD DL burner with RAM drive. My monitor is a 27” Olevia, which also my TV. For photography I use an Olympus E-510 DSLR and two kit lens.

   That’s about it, Please feel free to contact me through my website as I love to make friends worldwide. I love my relationship with and will do anything I can to help its continued growth and success. Again thank you for allowing me to participate.





                             David Akers


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