Interview with Mickeblue

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Interview with Mickeblue

1. Would you tell us some info about yourself? 

       (Real name, where you live, profession etc)

I'm retired now because I have to look after my wife who is not oin the best of health.

For myself I've been involved in property development for more than 20 years having wondered into the building trade whilst I was traveling ~ my first construction job was in Corsica, where I worked as a carpenter... using skills that my Irish father had naturally passed on to me, and good schooling had honed. Formerly I had been a chef in London.

In 1993 I decided I wanted a change and so I went back to education and qualified as a 'chiropodist' ( podiatrist ) ~ a foot doctor. I did this for about 10 years and, weird as it seems ( no one likes smelly feet LOL ), I thoroughly enjoyed the work. Along the way I began to specialize in gait analysis... particular as to how it was appropriate to gymnasts.

( Back in the early '70's I was a member of a Royal Naval gymnastic team that did a number of displays throughout Britain, so as you can imagine, gymnastics ( as a discipline ) was close to my heart. )

Sadly, there are a great many people plying for the same jobs, and since only the best succeed in any given field I went back to carpentry, and through that into the development of old properties... it was an open field in the 1980's. There were a great many properties in the London area that were crying out to be saved.

2. How did you first get started creating for Internet? Do you remember your first upload? What year was that? Can you tell us about it? And where can we see it?

No, you can't see it! I bought a computer to try to promote a product that I was going to market... a salve to help ladies with cracked skin around their heels. It's a really common problem because women persist in wearing the wrong shoes! My solution... and now you'll all know! Was 8% Icthamol in collidian.... and I could guarantee around 85% success with this! LOL

However getting hold of the collodian was like panning for gold... no-one wanted to supply it in the quantities I wanted because they all knew something was going on.

My first upload was a webpage that promoted the benefits of what I wad calling "Well Healed" using the ISP 'Tiny'. Proved to be the case for both of us! LOL

3. Who would you like to mention as influence or inspiration in your skinning experience?

Rich Kalusa at SkinYourScreen bowled me over with his designs for Aston desktops, and he was the first person who made me aware that their were good folks around who weren't competing with one another, but were gladly sharing ideas and knowledge on the graphics front... a bit of a revelation after having visited some of the other forums.

4. How much time do you spend daily on your creations and in skinning community?

Not much now. Other commitments must take preference.

5. We all have certain programs we like the most. What would you consider your favorite?

Photoshop will always be number 1. Terragen has given me a lot of fun and some great walls, as has Bryce. I marvel at what some folks can do with the likes of Apophosys and Chaoscope, but nah! Photoshop7 for me.

6. How about your computer system? Can you describe your configuration?

Yep! Win XP stripped to a bare minimum... and that's all I'm saying LOL

7. Do you have a personal web site? Can you give us the address?

Well I do but I don't keep it up ~ ~ I'm lazy and haven't had a lot to say this year.

8. Do you want to say something in this interview, which is not included in the above questions?

No, but I'll say something outside the interview LOL.

I gave up sketching 40 years ago... never imagined I'd pick up a pencil or a brush again, but I found a new canvas using an electronic canvas and a new set of tools, and I'm fortunately I'm not alone... I'm always amazed by the wonderful creations I see every day when I log on... wallpapers, skins, photographs, doodles... whatever it is it you put online we are all the richer for it.

Thank you Mick for your candid, insightful interview.

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