Looking for the perfect LiteStep module...

/ 1 decade ago (13 August 2001 01:33)

I need to find a LiteStep module that will let me organize my programs in a Mac-like menu at the top of the screen. I can´t get any of the wharfs I´ve tried to do this, and shortcut-grouping modules don´t seem able to behave like menus. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1 decade ago (13.08.2001 02:42)
Reply by: Elwin
Try slipping over to litestep.com´s theme area and look for a theme called AquaStep. The author is using a mod called Lslink (lslnkmenu) that appears to be what you´re looking for. Also check out the Emac theme while you´re there...
1 decade ago (13.08.2001 06:23)
Reply by:
Thanks. I think I´ve actually got something going on that looks promising with LsBox and ckHotspots.
1 decade ago (13.08.2001 11:07)
Reply by: Scarebear
Well, now I want to see it Wink