Lets See what you got....

jimbo9294 / 8 years ago (28 May 2012 06:23)

On Your Desktop I mean... Lets see those Desktop Screenshots Happy

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8 years ago (28.05.2012 06:45)
Reply by: jimbo9294

I will start it off!


[b]Wallpaper:[/b] Green Mess By: D Man

[b]WindowBlinds:[/b]Aero Colors By: Stardock Design I recolored it a darkened green and added the leaf texture to match the wall.

[b]Icons[/b] Aero Midnight By Stardock Design recolored Green

[b]Misc.[/b] RainMeter Enigma

Dock: Dell Touch Zone Dock

Let me see what you got! Cool

8 years ago (28.05.2012 07:26)
Reply by: adni18

Midas Touch[/b]
A golden skin/theme with sub-styles for Windows XP - Vista and Seven.
This full featured skin covers almost all parts of Windows GUI that can be skinned.
The wallpaper on the top of the preview picture comes in 7 most popular screen resolutions and it is included.
The dock is included too.
You can take it from here: [url][LINK][/url]

7 years ago (31.05.2012 12:41)
Reply by: etype2

Pagani Azenis

[LINK]" alt="" width="900" height="676" />


Azenis 2 WindowBlinds by *yingjunjiu,animations and glows with mouseover,
Azenis 2 Wallpaper_Lite by *yingjunjiu,
DesktopX objects, SimpleDate and SimpleTime by Threi,
Photo of the Pagani Zonda by me.
Permission by yingjunjiu to use his background wallpaper.
Thanks to all the artists. Larger image here: [LINK]



8 years ago (28.05.2012 08:05)
Reply by: adni18
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7 years ago (30.05.2012 08:13)
Reply by: MountainHawk
[b]Nice gold material you used there Nikos![/b] Congratulation
7 years ago (30.05.2012 11:59)
Reply by: adni18
Thanks Iain Happy
7 years ago (31.05.2012 02:33)
Reply by: jimbo9294


With the feel of looking over a fence watching the sun rise, This desktop is nice, crisp, and refreshing.

wall: Morning Light by Digital*CHET [LINK]

website: [LINK]

WindowBlinds: Aero Woods By Stardock Design

Wood Boards Style slightly darkened.

Clock and weather are Windows Gadgets At the bottom is the Dell Touch Zone Dock