Where are you?

sed / 1 decade ago (29 November 2010 05:25)

I always wonder if Im talking to someone from NY or Texas. I live in Northern Ohio, Where are you??

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1 decade ago (01.12.2010 03:32)
Reply by: navigatsio
South Carolina :-)
1 decade ago (01.12.2010 02:29)
Reply by: MountainHawk
I luv un Nu Zeland(translation: I live in New Zealand) Mainly in the South Island. I move about a bit...between the bottom of the South Island and the Top....very beautiful down here....more beautiful than the North Island and it is less violent and more friendly down here...human beings live on the South Island...lol Happy.....I have been down here for nearly fourteen years now. Love it to pieces and is reminiscent of my childhood in Scotland...can´t see me living anywhere else. I have a very soft spot for the U.S.....visited there in my navy days and served actively with the U.S.Seventh Fleet during Vietnam...my ship H.M.A.S.Hobart was under Seventh Fleet command and I did some training on the Constellation and the Texas. Booming love
1 decade ago (30.11.2010 08:38)
Reply by: jazzilady
I live at the top of Washington State, I can wave to the Canadians! Right on the Straights of Juan de Fuca. A beautiful place with water on one side and Mts. on the other. Happy
1 decade ago (30.11.2010 10:22)
Reply by: Alfa30
I live at the south of France...in a village called "Villevieille", near "Montpellier"...I am 40 km from the Mediterranean Sea to the south and 50 km from the mountain to the North...
It is a wonderful region, temperate climate where it´s nice live...
1 decade ago (30.11.2010 11:41)
Reply by: D Man
I live right outside of Dallas Texas on a lake called Tawakoni
1 decade ago (01.12.2010 02:38)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
Las Vegas..Happy
1 decade ago (29.11.2010 06:39)
Reply by: FredNunes
Great thread Sed... (Rymes) Happy

I think you may know already... BUT... for anyone who may not - I live in a town called West Wareham, in Massachusetts. Its called The "Gateway" to Cape Cod. In checking a map of the USA - Northeast part - I am about 70 miles west of the very tip of the Cape (the part that sticks out at Massachusetts) Happy Happy
1 decade ago (29.11.2010 10:19)
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Well, firstly..... the world is in fact bigger than the USA Happy although, that is where my heart is Booming love Booming love
I live in North Wales, UK..... no further description required I don´t think as it´s pretty self-explanatory Happy Happy
1 decade ago (27.01.2011 03:29)
Reply by: sed
No New Yorkers!!! Amazed
1 decade ago (27.01.2011 05:42)
Reply by: adni18
Salonica, Greece Grin
1 decade ago (19.02.2011 12:06)
Reply by: digitalpix4all
Woodbury, Minnesota. About 7 miles west of Wisconsin on I94. (Everything here is white about 7 months out of the year) LOL LOL LOL
1 decade ago (19.02.2011 12:28)
Reply by: killua
Cairo Egypt Happy
1 decade ago (27.02.2011 08:41)
Reply by: 2 of 3
[quote]No New Yorkers!!! [/quote]

How yu doin?

Well.....does Upstate NY count? Finger Lakes region prosit
1 decade ago (21.12.2010 04:51)
Reply by: netwolf56
Santa Rosa, California
1 decade ago (17.04.2011 05:52)
Reply by: GypsyH
[b]I am originally from Louisville, Ky "Home of the Kentucky Derby" and lived in Florida for 10 years, now I am way up in Minnesota! Something is wrong with this picture!! [/b] LOL
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