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ladyhawk / 1 decade ago (20 September 2010 09:03)

Hey, all...I'm considering opening another site in association with my own site, kitalacetasteepee.com. This site would strictly be to give recognition to other authors, as well as give them added exposure. The only thing different I'd do with this site, that's different from everyone else, is post submissions where everyone is the feature! Now, obviously, those interested in having their work posted would have to provide permission for me to post it....duh!....and send the file(s) they want displayed to my email address. That's it! As I receive files, I'd post them....done! But I'm worried and wondering how all of you, and others, would feel about it and/or participating.....? Could you let me know what you're thinking or how you feel? It would really help....thanks! Grin

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