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Yrgal / 1 decade ago (24 May 2010 09:00)

I left a comment on D Man's logon Connection V1 7 months ago, wondering why he had asked for permission from Sommerwind for the use of the background picture but not asked me for the use of the rest of the files used, which is clearly from a logon made by me. Clearly he have had time enough to answer and he didn't care to answer a private message I sent him here at SB a week ago. That's what pisses me off with all rippers. We could easily have made an aggreement behind the scenes but when he doesn't even care to answer, I would like to see his work removed.

Connection V1 : http://skinbase.org/rate.php?skins=56452
Y-Logon : http://skinbase.org/rate.php?skins=23014

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1 decade ago (27.05.2010 07:31)
Reply by: adni18
Hmmm, Darren is a new in skinning community Jan, he is doing mainly wallpapers,
I think he got his lesson and I am sure that he is not going to do it again.
He has a great and very friendly personality and he deserves a second chance!
What do you think?
1 decade ago (27.05.2010 07:51)
Reply by: Yrgal
I think you have come to know me well enough over the years Nikos, that a second chance is fine by me.
Since Darren´s logon seems to have been removed, I guess we can call this case closed.
Now let´s all shake hans and get back to what matters - Skinning! Grin
1 decade ago (27.05.2010 11:06)
Reply by: adni18
You are great Jan! Congratulation
1 decade ago (26.05.2010 11:08)
Reply by: adni18
I can´t see the logon by D Man, I guess it has been deleted... therefore I can´t judge.

Usually using a script from another logon is not rip, but, if someone uses the buttons and the rest graphics made by another author...then we are talking about a rip, if he didn´t asked for permission.
1 decade ago (27.05.2010 08:17)
Reply by: Yrgal

As I said when I started this thread, all he had to do was to send me a private message or an honest answer here and I would have gladly given my permission for him to use any graphics and/or code made by me for whatever he had wanted. I just don´t like when people take things without asking. I guess he came to his sences and removed it, but if he asks for my permission, I am still willing to give it to him and he can reupload her if he wishes. Just ask!

As for the 10 lawyers, I would urge D Man to get another lawfirm to represent him in any matter. One good lawyer will get the job done for most of us and is certainly cheaper. Wink
1 decade ago (25.05.2010 08:53)
Reply by: jazzilady
I make Logons for all my wallpapers, I made the statement on the background images that where used to create the Logon.
Nothing about either of them matches, you have to prove that the background image used to create the logon is the same. I´m not trying to dishonor or disbelieve you, I´m trying to state the obvious. Nothing matches!
1 decade ago (25.05.2010 09:00)
Reply by: jazzilady
I downloaded them both, but since I use Windows 7, there are no buttons or anything I could see that would tell me that the same buttons where used. Sorry!
1 decade ago (26.05.2010 04:47)
Reply by: D Man
Ok you are not the only person in the world that can make buttons and you dont own a font i use it at work all the time and have been using it for a long time your note didnt deserve a respone as this does not either but did so for other people who wanted me to i also took years of classes for coding so your not the only one who can do that either so this is slander and it needs to be taken down and if you keep it up i have 10 lawyers on retainer to take care of stuff like this i also have copyrights and patenets on all kinds of stuff for work so i know a little about things in the real world i put a wall into logon studio and made a logong so if thats a crime i dont think it is this will be the only response from me on this page there are many jealous people out there in the world sorry your one of them get a life.
1 decade ago (25.05.2010 06:36)
Reply by: Yrgal
Jazzilady, the two works here are not wallpapers but logons for Xp. Obviously, you don´t make logons, but anyone who does, understand my previous explanations.
1 decade ago (25.05.2010 06:28)
Reply by: jazzilady
I´m ver sorry Yrgal, I don´t see any resemblance between your wall and what DMan created. It is a big deal to us, but we have nothing to base your accusations on. If you really feel you´ve been ripped, there is a place you can report it and they will investigate the situation. However, when my stuff was ripped, it was the exact same walls that this person put up, changed nothing at all. It was such a big hasstle to report it and go anywhere with it I gave up! First though, you have to prove it and I´m so very sorry that I can´t see anything that´s the same! Sorry!
1 decade ago (25.05.2010 06:12)
Reply by: Yrgal
Maybe my explanation wasn´t good enough. D Man took my logon, changed the background picture - one file - and renamed it and called it his work. I don´t think that is fair since I put it together, made the buttons and such. I call that a rip and if the people here at Skinbase and the admins don´t understand and agree to that, I no longer have no business here and will remove my work and be gone.

This wasn´t a big deal in the beginning, but since D Man ignores me completely and the admins and power-users here don´t give me any support, that makes it a big deal.
1 decade ago (25.05.2010 04:12)
Reply by: jazzilady
They really don´t look like they match, at all. Just sayin´ OhWell
1 decade ago (25.05.2010 09:17)
Reply by: Yrgal
I really would expect better answers from you people here at Skinbase. I haven´t got a clue what sed says and what jazzi means. What don´t match?
1 decade ago (25.05.2010 12:25)
Reply by: Alfa30
Call for concerned D man...
What to believe ? Cool
1 decade ago (25.05.2010 05:37)
Reply by: sed
Maybe its in the zip file but they bear no resemblence to eachother.. in German or English
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