Is Handbrake the best choice?

Lynn-LU / 1 decade ago (21 May 2009 09:10)

I want to put my movies (not from iTunes) to iphone, I know i need a converter to convert or rip it. Handbrake is free do that, but it is so complex to operate, I'm not sure how it works or fits into this process. So search for a Total Media Converter, it works like a charm, can convert both DVD and video, but not free. I'm vacillating is that worth to purchase this software, or is Handbrake the best choice?

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1 decade ago (23.05.2009 02:53)
Reply by: mickeblue
AVS Video to Go ~ [LINK] ( about half way down the page ) , or Video Converter ( near the bottom of the page ). Both are easy to use.... and FREE!
1 decade ago (23.05.2009 08:04)
Reply by: sed
Mick is THE MAN!!
1 decade ago (24.05.2009 01:01)
Reply by: mickeblue
Doh! I just realized Lyn-LU is a Mac user ~ try this instead ~ [LINK]

I also see ( now that I´ve got my eyes open that AVS have stopped giving freebies, so if you want a converter for Windows try this one ~ [LINK] ~ instructions for converting to iPhone and PSP at bottom of page.

1 decade ago (27.05.2009 06:04)
Reply by: maccolar
I´d like to recommend this video converter for mac, it works pretty well for me
1 decade ago (27.05.2009 07:01)
Reply by: mickeblue
That looks like a goodun maccolar lol