How can I apply this logon ?

VeNDeTTa / 1 decade ago (14 December 2008 01:56)

I'm new and I don't know anything. Which program can I use to set up this logon on my computer ? Please help me ! :S

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1 decade ago (14.12.2008 03:41)
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OK. This is pretty simple. Search engines do a pretty fast job in finding what you need. When I clicked your link in question, I saw "Logon Studios" So, I did a search for that. Assuming you are running Windows XP, this should do it for you. [LINK]
1 decade ago (14.12.2008 07:34)
Reply by: etype2
Great Fred! HereĀ“s one more link for good measure. [LINK] Happy
1 decade ago (21.12.2008 11:29)
Reply by: VeNDeTTa
Thank you so much! I have a nice logon now Grin !