Do you Know about Skinbase Personal Galleries?

adni18 / 1 decade ago (24 October 2008 02:52)

I am sure that many of you don't know about the personal sites that each user can have here, in Skinbase.
You can share the page with friends and the public to show off the skins, wallpapers, photos etc you have created, as your page contains all the works you have uploaded to Skinbase.

You can access your SkinBase personal site by using your sub-domain on Skinbase. For instance, mine is If you go there you will see what a personal site on Skinbase can look like.

Members often ask how they can get people to know about their personal sites, and it's very easy actually. Promote your sub-domain url! If you frequent other forums/message boards then include a link to your page in the signature. Do you use an e-mail client like Outlook? Well include your url in the signature there as well.

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1 decade ago (24.10.2008 07:26)
Reply by: sed
If you check out Nikos LINK Its EASY to see how the address goes and can be put on your business cards too! ........ http : // Your name . [Of course you type it together without spaces]..... Tell me you havenĀ“t got the BEST looking Gallery here???? COOL HUH? Cool
1 decade ago (25.10.2008 06:17)
Reply by: Frankief
I did not know this! Very cool indeed! Happy
1 decade ago (26.10.2008 12:44)
Reply by: Alfa30
Cool !!!
Thanks Nikos ! Grin