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/ 1 decade ago (26 September 2008 12:27)

I was not even going to bother with this one but I believe when there is confusion regarding a topic or situation, an explanation of some sort should be in order. Several times this week old work (look at one now that is 5 years old) have been featured in the members features area. I was under the assumption that the newest works with the highest votes are featured there. Let me say that I have witnessed a few cases now in which that is not happening.

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1 decade ago (26.09.2008 12:29)
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Well, now it seems that new work is there. Strange but I think I know what is going on now. Kindly forget this post! Running
1 decade ago (26.09.2008 02:32)
Reply by: etype2
Hi Fred. I would say this feature applies to all work on SkinBase. If a member sees an old submission and votes, it goes into the automatic script. The preview thumbnails above the forum is a good way to catch folks eye. Happy clap
1 decade ago (26.09.2008 02:37)
Reply by: Alfa30
Hi Fred !
You are perhaps right but I imagine that Nikos wants, from time to time, to make a comeback in back and to show us the nicest writings...
Thank you Fred! It is when definitely to say of what they think...Grin
1 decade ago (26.09.2008 06:52)
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Theres something there...... Cant put MY finger on it tho Fool
1 decade ago (27.09.2008 01:42)
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Thanks for the feedback everyone! Grin clap
1 decade ago (29.09.2008 04:03)
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OK..... Maybe I shouldnt get nuts about this .... But it just turned over to Monday on the other side of the world ... and ATOM has 4 member votes [wallpaper] and we have 3 photos with less votes as MEMBER FEATURES!!! ??? Am I bad???? lol
1 decade ago (29.09.2008 10:39)
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Well, what I saw was different. AT least these images are all new ones. Tom did have more votes but didn´t the time slot pass for his? Perhaps somebody here knows more than I, but I was under the impression that the newest works with the highest votes for a specified time frame (for example 24 hours) would go in as features. I guess nothing is perfect but more often than not, the system seems to be fair. ANd I am not just saying that because one of mine is up. Happy
1 decade ago (30.09.2008 09:51)
Reply by: kchristine
What difference does it make whether it´s a new one or an old one? Just wondering.
1 decade ago (30.09.2008 10:12)
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It makes no difference to me. But that is not how it was explained when this system was started. It is not my intention to stir things up here but I witnessed a new work with more votes being overlooked for an older one a few months old that had one vote and then mysteriously appears in the feature slot. There is no way that should have happened. Another time? One 5 years old was featured. The way I understood it was the newest works with the highest votes within a time frame (and I understood this to be 24 hours) make it to the feature slot. If they do not make it in the time slot, then it makes no sense for them to all of a sudden appear there months or years later. Remember, we have new works uploaded each and everyday that get votes. That´s all I am saying. If it makes me a bad person for noticing these things, then I guess I am bad. I have said all I need to say about this and like I said above - I did say for the most part the system is fair and that nothing is perfect. Wink
1 decade ago (30.09.2008 11:33)
Reply by: kchristine
I think it is also how quickly votes are received. 1 vote in 10 minutes vs. 1 vote in 23 hours. Personally, I like old ones being featured at times. There are a ton of images on Skinbase that deserve to be featured and it´s nice when a member votes on an older one.
1 decade ago (01.10.2008 05:53)
Reply by: etype2
Happy Yes to that Sally. I hope that explains it. Let everyone get their do. Old, new? Oldies but goodies. no? Happy clap clap
1 decade ago (01.10.2008 07:59)
Reply by: adni18
Fred has right, he has a good memory Amazed
When system has started we had explained how it works, and we said that the system prefers new uploads vs old ones, if 2 works have the same votes.
I guess we have a bug in the script, but in any way have in mind that it is AUTOMATIC, none of us can manipulate it, therefore it is fair for everyone, no exception can be made.
If it is not big puzzle for Gregor we will fix that asap, other ways it is not a big problem Wink