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The great thing about photography is that we are always learning something and discovering new interests and motivation for our work. As I am preparing as you all know two exhibitions - and probably a 3rd which probably will be related with military aircrafts - I am re-discovering the pleasure of seeing a printed image and to be honest, it is quite different than when seeing them on a monitor. I had to decide wether I would print them in a A4 size but in my humble point of view and for exhibiton purposes, A4 is too small and I was able to confirm, being that A3+/B+ ( 19x13 inches or 48,3x33 cms ) is the smallest acceptable size to pull out all the detail and nuances of a BW - and probably colour - photograph, being that at an exhibition, people do see the works at a certain distance. Of course this is only the case when we are printing for exhibitions purposes. Yesterday I printed one photograph that on the monitor was kind of "dull" but after printing it...well, I was astonished and I went back 35 years ago, remenbering the pleasure I used to have when making enlargements in my analogue darkroom. Of course that developing and printing digital photography does not have the "mistery" analogue had but the results with the evolution of cameras, printers, inks and papers are nonetheless as good as they were. I believe that analogue photography is almost dead. Kodak does not manufacture any more, paper for the "analogue darkroom" and even all the chemistry involved to make analogue photography is getting harder and harder to find. Besides and making a direct comparison, the cost per print - and I am talking about BIG prints - is more or less the same. So, my dear fellow photographers, if you have "that special capture" go for it: print it in a big size and you'll enjoy even more your art. Cheers Photographer

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Your welcome Artur...and the feedback that you can get,as you have explained will be invaluable. Happy Smile clap clap Congratulation Booming love
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Hey Marshall, thanks for the encouragement. I have hundreds of analogue captures printed for years but never sold anything and never made a sole exhibition - I only participated in 1991 at Bienal dos Açores with two works. The fact nowadays is that I want to earn something with my artistry - if any - and dedicate myself professionaly to photography - corporate works, private works for others, etc. I hope I can have some success. The nice thing about exhibitions is that you have the public, the people that are going exclusively to see your work and you can talk with them, explain them, listen to them. That´s the funny side of it. Again, many thanks for your words. Photographer
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Hi Artur. I´m glad you are rediscovering the joy of seeing your work enlarged,perhaps matted and framed. Then,the true joy of the acceptance by others of your work,the proud feeling that ensues. I have been printing and selling my work for a few years. Much of my work is not published. I wish you the very best in your up coming exhibitions. Happy Smile clap Congratulation
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I agree... though I do not print larger that 8/12 x 11... The quality I see is amazing. I still am trying to work out the details of having a couple made that are larger to hang on my wall. I have not picked out or can make up my mind! Anyway, I am putting together an album of my favorite images at that 8 1/2 x 11 size. There is no need to go 8x10 because they fit into the sleeves of the pages nicely. Its alot of fun, too! Thanks for this story my friend! Happy shooting and the best of luck to you at those exhibitions!

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Thanks Fred. Photographer
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The ink is black, the page is white. Together we learn to read and write.
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